Software of management of the campaigns of e-mailing, connected in aboweb.
Customer having been the object of a seizure of paying or free subscription.
Active subscriber
Subscriber having a current subscription to the selected title.
Fallen subscriber
Customer whose subscriptions to the selected title are expired.
A subscription consists of a date of creation, of a price list, of duration, of a number of copies and an amount. A customer can be the object of several subscriptions: the number of subscriptions is not thus necessarily equal among subscribers.
Subscription in wait .
A subscription in wait is a subscription having been the object neither of invoice, nor regulation(payment) at the counter.
Online store related to aboweb offering a customer area facilitating the enrichment and updating of data by the user.
Free article
Article that will only be sent once and that has a delivery different from that of the title and the restocking. Example: an old issue bought by the piece, a goodies, a book, a special issue, etc.
To be served (price / formula)
Number of numbers to be used during the subscription, i.e. duration of the subscription.
Inactive customer
Customer without subscription or invoice in progress.
Selection code
The selection codes are additional items that allow you to freely qualify your customers to better know their distribution according to your own criteria, to better target your commercial actions or to obtain precise figures (number of copies delivered, .. .) on the broadcast of each routed number.
Last Number to be served, i.e. expiration of the subscription.
Do not confuse the number of copies with the duration of the subscription (entitled to serve and indicated on the rate card). The number of copies is the quantity to be sent to a customer during each routing. The number of copies can be specified when entering the subscription. A subscription can therefore have several copies; in this sense, the number of subscriptions is not necessarily equal to the number of copies.
Family (price / formula)
Category to facilitate the search for a subscription rate or a subscription plan. Example: individual, institution, student, etc.
Accounting family
Category to facilitate the search for a subscription rate or a subscription plan. Example: free, negotiated, promo, etc.
Subscription form
Allows you to create tariffs that include others: for example a subscription to a title and a free article. Or a subscription to two different titles. Often used for paper and digital couplings.
Routing module that manages bulk mailings by ensuring the complete management of the shipment: address verification, sorting, slips, labels, bundles ...
With Copy
These numbers are sent free of charge to customers whose subscription has expired at the previous number (s) and not yet re-subscribed. Example: when preparing the delivery of the number 10, give 2 graces copies; customers whose subscription has expired at numbers 8 or 9 will be delivered free of charge.
The free subscription, whatever its duration, is indicated in a tariff card.
Means that the subscription has been resubscribed.
Origin (price / formula)
Free field allowing you to facilitate the sorting of your subscribers.
The number of NPAI (Does not live at the Address Indicated) is to increase by one level each time you receive a return from La Poste for non-distribution.
Payed by
Individual or company passing through a paying third party to subscribe to a publication. The Paid by is never billed and never pays his subscription. It is however delivered. In principle, the subscription renewal is not directly addressed to him: it is sent to him through his paying Third Party.
First Number to be Served, i.e. beginning of the subscription.
Allows you to stop not only the delivery but also the recovery of subscriptions that have expired. In addition, you will no longer be able to subscribe or bill a customer written off. Only the addition of a payment on an unpaid invoice will be allowed. The Radiated state is therefore intended for contacts that you do not want to reactivate (deceased contacts for example).
subscription renewal
A renewal is the renewal of a subscription arriving or expired. On the other hand, a customer subscribing to a second subscription (not in order to extend the current one but to receive a second copy each time during the year) is not a renewal.
Reorders are numbers ordered by a customer as part of their subscription while some of these numbers have already been routed at the time of entry of the subscription.
Reference (price / formula)
Code used to guarantee the uniqueness of the tariff, the formula, the free articles, etc.
Reference origin (price / formula)
Free field allowing you to facilitate the sorting of your subscribers.
Counter payment
Simplified registration method of entering a subscription policy, without issuing an invoice.
Packaging and mass mailing of newspapers, magazines, etc.
Allows you to stop the delivery of all subscriptions - to all titles - of this contact.
Reference (code) to which the duration of the subscription (expressed in number of numbers to be served), the subscription amount and the TVA rate are linked. A rate can be paid or free.

ADL tariff
Allows you to make this tariff a rate from which you can enter the duration manually with each entry.
Sampling fee
Allows you to define that this tariff is a deduction rate: useful for re-subscriptions in series of withdrawals which automatically generates the payments. You can define that the settlement will consist of such a number of samples, made every x months. Example: A price of 40 €, taken in 4 samples of 10 € every three months.
Subscription rate
Allows you to define what will be the rate used for the serial renewal. To leave it empty will make it subscribe again to this tariff.
Free rate
Ticking this box will in some cases exclude the tariff (exclude free).
Invisible price
Make this price invisible. It no longer appears in the list of tariffs (except by clicking on "display invisible tariffs" as well as during the entry, it is no longer offered.) Useful for the tariffs that are no longer used.
Third-party payment
They are usually specialized companies (EBSCO, France Subscriptions, etc.) that subscribe subscriptions for the benefit of one or more people or companies. A company that subscribes to its subsidiaries or employees may also be considered Third Party Payers.
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