The reference will be the tariff code used for quick entry. 16 characters MAX.
To serve: is the number of numbers served for this subscription

The options :

Free rate: ticking this box will allow in certain cases to exclude the tariff (exclude free)
ADL tariff: Allows you to make this tariff a rate from which you can enter the duration manually with each entry
Invisible Price: Make this price invisible. It no longer appears in the list of tariffs (except by clicking on "show invisible tariffs" as well as during the entry, it is no longer offered.) Useful for the rates that are no longer used.
Default rate: The rate that will be proposed by default when subscribing.
Not relaunchable: Subscriptions at this rate will not be affected by reminders /
No welcome emails: No email will be sent for this rate when subscriptions are created.
Re-subscription rate: allows you to define the rate used for the serial subscription. To leave it empty will make it subscribe again to this tariff.
Sample :

Allows you to define that this tariff is a deduction rate: useful for re-subscriptions in series of withdrawals which automatically generates the payments. You can define that the settlement will consist of such a number of samples, made every x months. Example: A price of 40 €, taken in 4 samples of 10 € every three months.
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